First four words you see are your focus for 2021

It’s been more than a week since 2021 began. Many social media influencers this year suggested that we should develop habits instead of goals as resolutions. So to be honest I too decided to go with the trend and made up my mind that my 2021 resolution will be to focus on a long cherished desire of mine, that is, to explore and enhance my writing skills and that

I will write more and write often“.

It’s a different story altogether that I rarely stick to what I make up my mind on when it comes to resolutions πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€­. But this time around somehow I am certain that I just won’t give up on my writing skills. Call it ‘my sense of awakening and self enlightening’ as a result of the year that was 2020. πŸ€―πŸ˜…

The moment I was done fixating on a resolution, my hyperactive brain started rattling as to what am I going to write about. Here, LinkedIn came to my rescue and I stumbled upon the following post:


Source: LinkedIn

I must admit that I am a fan of these exercises posted by life coaches on several such social media platforms. Apart from being light hearted exercises to engage the audiences, they definitely make you think and help you to focus on things that one should focus on in life in general as well . So, this post got me donning my thinking cap again as to what should be my priorities for 2021!

Here are the first four words that I saw and will be my focus areas for 2021:

  1. LESSONS: There are numerous lessons that life teaches us. I am no exception here. Here’s hoping that I am able to continue learning from those lessons and put them into practice to become a better version of myself.
  2. CREATION: Well one can have different interpretations for creation. I hope to simply create a meaningful life for myself, one filled with purpose and gratitude and hopefully, less regrets.
  3. LOVE: Loving self is something that I have found difficult to practice despite friends and family encouraging me to do the same. This year, I hope I am able to love and appreciate myself more and be less harsh on myself.
  4. CONNECTION: I wish to develop strong and meaningful connection not just with my inner self but also, with the people around me and in my network, in turn hoping to empower self and those around me.

Even though one might perceive that I am trying to be a lot angelic here; I strongly believe that optimism and inner consciousness is the way to go forward. Yes, being realistic matters too! Combine them all together and you can move mountainsπŸ—»πŸ—»πŸ—».

Over to you folks now…. I hope that you all had a good start to 2021. Do let me know the first four words that you saw and will they be your focus areas of 2021!?!?! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

First three words you see are your reality!!

I happened to come across the below post on LinkedIn couple of months back thanks to one of my senior colleagues who commented on it.

Screenshot source: LinkedIn

While I do not know or validate the logic or authenticity of the above; it definitely got me thinking on not just three but a couple of words that I saw and felt like penning down the significance of those words in one’s life including mine (saint mode onπŸ˜‡). Whether reality or not; I believe, for sure, some (or all) of these words definitely hold some meaning in everyone’s life.

I will maintain the order as is being asked…that is…the first three words that I discovered followed by rest of the words I saw. So here goes my sightings:

1. Power

Power, to me, is having the ability to influence not just self but those around you constructively, precisely, empowering self and others to make world a better place to live in.

2. Change

Change, for me, is mostly adapting and adjusting constantly with times and those around you. Again, the key here is to learn lessons that life teaches and mould yourself in the right direction.

3. Strength

Strength represents two things to me majorly: the first is the mental power and the second is the moral power. While physical strength is essential to carry out daily/routine work, mental and moral strength has become even more essential to carry on with the fast paced life of today.

Put together, the above three words play a major role in an individual’s/ society’s/ world’s development, if understood, in the right manner. The quote by Martin Luther King Jr. below sums this up perfectly.

Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose. It is the strength required to bring about social, political and economic change Picture Quote #1

4. Health: Needless to mention, ‘Health is wealth’. Good mental and physical health is a necessity in our ever changing world.

5. Self care: So so important again! Self care is a must if one needs to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

6. Gratitude: Being grateful for everything that life offers you makes you so much at peace with yourself.

7. Purpose: I saw the image below somewhere on pinterest which describes “purpose” beautifully to me.

EsclareΓ§a sua finalidade. Qual Γ© a motivação por trΓ‘s de tudo o que vocΓͺ  faz? Quando colocamos isso como projeto de v… | Purpose quotes, Words,  Inspirational quotes

8. Money: Money is simply a tool to me that provides for food, shelter and clothing. Although, on a lighter note, spend it occassionally on frivolous nonsense. 😝

9. Family: Family is everything to me. Though the parameters that define what or how a good/ideal family should be, remains highly debatable and unclear, all I can confirm is, that having a family in itself gives enormous strength to face life and its ‘googlies’. πŸ˜…

10. Lessons: This, for me, has got to do more with what life teaches at every single stage.β˜€β›…β›ˆπŸŒͺ🌨

11. Connection: To me, this signifies building meaningful and lifelong relations with people I value on a personal level. Although, reaching out to different people professionally is also an aspect.

12. Breakthrough: There’s no better way to understand this, as is, described in the below quote by Tony Robbins:

QUOTE-A-BREAKTHROUGH-IS-A-MOMENT-IN-TIME-WHEN-THE-IMPOSSIBLE-BECOMES-POSSIBLE-760.jpg  (760Γ—760) | Tony robbins quotes, Inspirational quotes, Motivational quotes

Now, I pass on the baton to you all reading this blog post. Which three words did you all see first? πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ˜ŒπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

P.S.: I will be waiting for your replies.😊


Cafe Latte @ Theobroma Chembur

I barely remember when I started drinking coffee though I do clearly remember how my fondness for it grew. I am undecided as to whether to blame or praise my one year IES coaching sojourn in New Delhi; but the coffeeholic me was born there. What drove me to it, it’s difficult to fathom; I for sure ended up enjoying a variety of coffee at a variety of cafes and food joints.

But that’s not the point I want to make; what I want to express here is that coffee will always be my first and true love. Here it’s why:

Coffee gives me the much needed energy kick in the morning!

Whether I am too sleepy or too exhausted or too grumpy (my usual state for most mornings 😝), all I need is a cup of coffee to get going alongside breakfast. Trust me, the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee does wonders in awakening all my senses.

Cafe coffee day @ Phoenix Kurla

However, getting into the math of how coffee does that, definitely visit the articles in the link below.

Biology of coffee by Inverse

Biology of coffee by The Conversation

Coffee helps me relieve stress!

I know it sounds a little weird but coffee does help me de-stress from the daily personal and professional routine😌😌🀩🀩. Sipping a cup of coffee is like entering my zen mode.πŸ’†β€β™€οΈπŸ’†β€β™€οΈ

Cappuccino @ The Burrow Cafe

Variety of options to explore always…never making you feel bored of coffeeπŸ˜‰!

I am not going to refute the fact – that I am the reason for profit margins of cafes in and around Mumbai 😝 – as pointed out by my dear friends and colleagues. Rather to support this, here’s another interesting fact:

Visit a Starbucks cafe and ask them about the types of coffee beverages they make. You will learn that they encourage customers to explore their beverages either through various formats like whole bean, ground, instant, nespresso, verismo or K-cup pods or through roast methods like blonde roast, medium roast, dark roast or decaf. Each method has it’s own taste or aroma while sipping one’s cold or hot beverage.

You see, therefore, it’s not just a simple cup of coffee…there’s just abundance of wonderful options to sip a cup of coffee….β˜•

Pic @ Starbucks Cafe

Coffee makes me productive!

Picking up straight from her blog and in complete agreement with blogger De Elizabeth (Thought catalog), coffee sure does makes us productive. A cup of coffee definitely clears the mental block and emanates from me all sorts of wonderful ideas to facilitate my daily work with ease and efficiency.


Even though my reasons are infinite, to stop myself from turning this blog into a book😝, why don’t you lovely inquisitive people join me and discuss this further over a cup of coffee.


Pic courtesy: McDonald’s πŸ™ˆ

When you have got food on your mind….

Pic taken @ Poetry, Bandra West: New York Cheesecake and Nutella Cheesecake….with the former being my current love…. 😍😁

I am not a foodie in true sense. Why do I say so? Well, if you ask me an honest assessment of myself with regards to exploring food across cultures and places….I have so far developed a peculiar taste and like for certain kind of foods only. I do have a fairly good idea of the various cuisines within India as well as abroad (All credits go here to multiple food shows broadcasted on television & on web, my average cooking skills, my travel due to work, yummy home cooked food at family and friends’ and so on…). On a serious note, I finally suit myself to food that tickles my taste buds and bowls me over. And it cannot be just anything.

However, the point I am trying to make is whatever level or category or kind of foodie I am….food’s always on my mind. Have a sneak peek here…πŸ˜€

What can be better than a cheese filled dosa early in the morning that keeps your stomach full till afternoon…

Pic: Cheese tonic shots dosa @ Pure Milk Centre, Kandivali west

How about a yummy lunch that gives you a moral boost to tackle any client at work or any sort of work….

Pic: Gujarati thali at Sasumaa, Vadodara

How about a mind soothing filter kaapi after a tiring day at work…

Pic courtesy: TripAdvisor, Cafe Madras in Matunga

Note: I will brag and blog about my coffee love separately πŸ˜›

Imagine a dinner that contents you so much that all you want do post completion is have a nice evening walk only to gorge on desserts later for a good night sleep…

Pic taken in a Parsi food joint either in Pune or Mumbai. πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ


Do not forget to eat the πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ dessert below:

Pic: Brain freeze icecream parlor, Kandivali West

Food, if you ask me, has been my stress buster since a long time. Eating the kind of food that satiates you is definitely crucial. And that’s why it is always on my mind.

P.S.: Sometimes do have lip smacking cheese fondue for your evening refreshmentsπŸ‘‡

Pic taken while half eaten @ Grandmama’s cafe, Juhu

Change: The only constant and the only way forward

Till date I have never bothered about change as much as I do now. I have received a lot of preaching and garnered decent knowledge on the same( just google about it and you will get zillions of people sharing their perspectives on change). Yet for me, it wasn’t until recently that I realised and got convinced as to why is it so important to accept and embrace change. Life has different ways of teaching how change is essential in order to grow and move forward in various aspects of itself. Then only can one reach his/her true destiny. I am not going to highlight the reasons of my realisations here as circumstances and events differ from person to person to bring about any change in one’s life.

What matters the most is that changes do take place and sometimes in good ways and other times in not so good ways. Anything related to change sounds so philosophical and sometimes unrealistic that it is almost impossible to believe at first that something or someone can change. Yet it is essential to accept and embrace change for one’s own mental peace and satisfaction. For if the mind is constantly agitated by all the changes, there will never be any clarity in whatever one does or thinks in order to move on. I understand very clearly now that embracing change shows one’s adaptability and flexibility to their surroundings and circumstances and more smoother and clearer their life path becomes.

There are so many instances in one’s own life that points to change being the only way forward, still resisting it seems to be the best option always. However, the more you resist, the more you get trapped in unnecessary worries, anxieties, anger and hatred and then you commit mistakes, sometimes small, other times grave, ultimately loosing out on people and things you love and care for most. Even then a part of me still believes that whatever is meant to be in your life will never go away from you and will come back to you in different ways and it applies to everything be it people, things, destiny and so on and so forth.

Well, sounds like I have started preaching now πŸ˜›

But ultimately this is the most important lesson I have learnt in my life so far and felt like sharing with everyone even though most of us are aware of it πŸ™‚

On a lighter note, though I am not a die hard fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of my takeaways from the movie Thor Ragnarok was the fact that Odin explains to Thor at the beginning of the movie, that of, “Ragnarok being inevitable”. Similarly, change is inevitable too. Something has to end in order to begin something new. It’s like a circle. Changes in one’s life has to take place so that finally one moves closer to his/ her life’s ultimate purpose and not deviate from it. Changes, always, mark the end of something and beginning of something new irrespective of good or bad. So go embrace the change and stop resisting it! And mind you, do keep the lessons learnt in the process with you, forever. Because nothing’s permanent and no matter how the situation around you is (good or bad), it will change.